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Topic Title: Availability? Rail Mount?
Created on July 2, 2009 at 01:49 PM


Hi Folks,

I am wondering if Holland is making their grills available in Canada anyplace? The store locator asks for a Zip Code, so I assume not.

Second question, I am looking at the "companion" and thinking it would work great on my boat; however, I don't see a rail mount for it anyplace? Is there a rail mount option? Can the bottom be drilled to accept a different mount?

One more thing, I have noticed folks commenting on the grills blowing out. Out a mile from shore there isn't much to stop the wind... should I be concerned?



There are 3 Canadian Dealers. I'm not what area you are in but i beleive 2 of them are in Ontario. Jim Harkness Equipment and The Little Pork Shop. You can always call the customer service # 800-880-9766 and they can give you a list of dealers near you.

As for the rail mount we currently have nothing available, but are looking at some mount kits in the future. I would recommend making a plate that mounts to the rails then mounting the legs of the companion to the plate.

The Blow out problem is a problem we are working on. The best suggestion is to turn the grill where the front is facing away from the direction of the wind. Also the more you lift the lid the more likely to have the blow out occure when cooking in windy conditions.