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Topic Title: pork baby back ribs
Created on January 21, 2008 at 06:34 PM


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do a few racks of pork baby back ribs on my holland grill?

Please Help


We have cooked them using a method very similar to the one in the recipes section of the web site. Cook them for a little while on the grill and then wrap each rack individually in heavy duty aluminum foil along with a generous pouring of your favorite BBQ sauce. They turn out nice and tender every time.
The best part is you get to socialize while the food is cooking.


Rub your ribs with your favorite dry rubs, spray them lightly with white vinegar, and, contrary to popular belief, turn the control knob down until the grill only heats to about 225. You will need to spray the vinegar on the ribs a couple of times while cooking, and it will take about six hours for them to cook---they are done when the meat pulls back from the bone ends. Best ribs you ever tasted.


I disagree with turning the gas control knob down. Yes you can do it but you risk the chance of the flame blowing out. It happened to me. Rather, I close the drain valve and fill the drip pan with 1/2 water and 1/2 beer. It holds a gallon. I add more water about every hour. This keeps the temp down around 275. The meat falls off the bone.

Joel (TEXAS) long do you cook the ribs by your way?


biggrillah how long do you cook the ribs using your method ?

please advise..thanks


the demonstrator

If you plan on steaming count on about 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours. I have even cracked the lid a little and steamed for as much as 4 hours. Remember, you have to add water, about every hour. When my steaming is done, I usually grill them for about 10 minutes, and if you want to keep your grill clean, get one of those cheap foil roaster pans from the $1 store, throw your ribs in that, and load with Barbeque Sauce and let that come to a boil. Man they are good!!


Big Grillah -- Using the water method, how long did you cook your ribs for? Thanks


there is a thin clear film of skin on the back of the ribs. peel that skin off. until someone told me that i could never prepare decent baby backs. now i always do.
some use a dry rub, others vinegar and a homemade suace, my favorite is sweet baby rays bbq sauce. sometimes i have added honey, other times a tiny bit of apple butter ... the sugar burns so add it lightly. raspberry or apple vinegar - again light mists - can be added if you insist on checking the ribs. the checking and misting are not necessary
i place each rack in its own aluminum foil covering after applying the sauce. place on the grill bone side down, meat side up and never flip it.
place water (never beer) in the grill and fire it up. about three hours later you should be enjoying the fall off of the bone baby backs that are so good, you will be willing to take back stuff you didn't steal. a grilled side item: halve a tomato after removing the stem. salt and pepper it and place it cut side down on the grill for about 4-5 minutes. flip it over, cut side up, and add cheese, prosciutto, finely diced garlic, herbs ... just whatever is available that sounds good to you. allow another 4-5 minutes and ready to eat.


Sorry I haven't gotten back in a while. When I slow cook ribs on my Holland using beer/water, I usually try to cook a slab about 4 hours. Remember, the idea now is to keep the grill temp very low. The water keeps it low, but I will also move the grill in the shade (BEFORE you put the water and beer in==ha ha, that's another story)You can check for desired tenderness every now and then. Good luck!


Made a batch last night that turned out great. Pretty straightforward.. filled w/1 gallon of water used only dry rub for 1st 2 hours then put 'em in a big cast iron skillet simmering in "open pit" directly on the Holland for another hour.