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Topic Title: Companion Smoking
Created on July 14, 2009 at 05:09 PM


Where do you put your chip tray in your Companion? It seems to take forever to get the chips to smoke when I put the chip tray on the rear corner of the drip tray.

Roger T

Is your grill getting hot enough & are you using the compressed saw-dust pellets like the Flav-o-buds that Holland sells?
If your grill is not getting to 400 + in 15/20 minutes, call Holland for help. If you are using regular wood chips, they need to get hotter than the pellets in order to smoke, so they do not work as well.
Hope this helps.


I finally found out how to get the chips to smoke in the Companion. Put the tray of chips on the drip pan towards at the rear and in the middle. This seems to be the hottest point. Leave the gas knob adjustment at the light position until the chips start smoking. Then adjust the heat to where you want it.