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Topic Title: considering purchase of The Companion
Created on January 26, 2008 at 04:14 PM


We're considering purchasing The Companion grill. However, we're concerned about the taste of just plain hamburgers seasoned with salt & pepper done on this grill as compaired to the regular gas grill that we have used for years. Any comments? Thanks!

David F.

We love the hamburgers that come off of the Holland Grill because they do not burn or shrink like burgers that come off of the "other" grills. A good recipe for hamburgers cooked on the Holland Grill: Mix Lipton Onion Soup with ground beef and a little bit of the Carolina Seasoning.

We have a Traditional Grill and the Companion Grill and we love them both and they cook identical. We take the Companion Grill to the Outer Banks ever summer and cook a variety of foods on it. Everything from whole chicken, pork loins and the local catch of Flounder.


How hot does your Companion get? I put a thermometer on the lid and it barely gets to 400.


fred...we have yet to purchase a Companion. We're just strongly considering it and wanted to get some pros and cons from people that already have one.

Brian E

My Holland Companion (2nd generation) pre-heats to about 450 degrees on high, same as my full size Holland. The regulator is the key here. Holland can help you trouble-shoot, but they want to talk to you on the phone so they can ask the right questions. Call them if you need help deciding about buying a Holland. They will answer any questions you have.


We take our Companion Grill to the Outer Banks every year for vacation because we despise the grills the homes have to offer since we cook year round on our full size Holland Grill.

You can cook everything on the Companion that you can cook on the full size grill. We have a family of four and have had no problems cooking enough food on the Companion. Same cooking technique - best table top/tailgating grill you will ever buy!