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Topic Title: Searmate It's a WINNER!
Created on August 11, 2009 at 01:41 PM


I purchased an Apex last November and have enjoyed how easy it is to cook on especially with the Holland Thermometer. I debated about buying a Sear mate when they came out but thought how can there be an even better way to cook.I was fortunate to pick one up last week and installed it very easily and have used it on several occasions since. I used it to sear meat then finish it on the Holland Grill and cook meat entirely on it. I found that it worked GREAT either way.
The Holland Grill is at our cottage and I was going to bring it home to use in the winter which is a bit of a job transportation wise. So, I built a small cart to hold a propane tank and will simply unbolt the Sear mate from the Holland and secure it to the cart.SIMPLE!
As an Apex owner I was disappointed that a Stainless Sear mate is not available BUT I found that I can secure the magnetic thermometer to the Sear mate because the exterior does not get hot.So in the end I am happy I did get a steel model.
In conclusion, I think the Sear mate is well worth the investment because it allows you to prepare food even easier and get the results you want.
It's a WINNER!

Jeff G

Basically on the Holland, I Put some Flav-O-Buds in some HD Foil, and poke a hole or two in the top with a toothpick. Put the foil packet on the back left corner of the heat deflector plate(under the drip pan), it will allow for smoke while using a full drip pan. You can skip the previous step if you don't want smoke flavor. Fill the drip pan with water, turn on the grill, and put a thick steak 1.5"+ on the grill with a thermometer probe in the thickest part. Wait until the internal temp is between 110-120, wrap the steak in foil and turn on the Searmate. Sear the steak on HIGH for 1.5 minutes on each side, since it has been slow roasted, the flavors redistribute and it is already done inside. The searing is just done at the end to get the flavor

Jeff G

Here is a picture of a Rump Roast I did with this same method. Slow Roasted with water in the pan until the internal temp was 130. Just slow roast until about 5 degrees below your target temp. Then I threw it on the Searmate for about 1.5 to 2 minutes on three sides. The inside of the meat is done uniformly throughout, and slow roasting seems to bring out more flavor. I would suggest using an Eye Round roast instead of Rump, it generally has some gristle running through it.


That looks great Jeff. Thanks for the info!

Tim K

That roast looks great. I'm going to try that tonight. I just bought the SearMate but have not hooked it up yet. Can't wait.