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Topic Title: Introduction
Created on August 19, 2009 at 10:19 AM


Hello all. Stumbled upon this site when looking for replacement parts for my Holland. Read about the first 30 pages of posts. All quite interesting reading though I don't agree with many of the posts concerning clay/ceramic cookers. Been cooking on clay/ceramic for almost 30 years and a Holland for 12. Never had a bad product produced by either. Its the cook not the grill/cooker.

Folks on the RV forums never chat up the Companion and that is criminal. The ones that do mention it, bad mouth it and thats a shame. Most buy it thinking they are going to whip up burgers in a flash and don't realize what an incredible cooker they have. Unfortunately I have never met any of these folks in my travels or I would buy there unit.

In my herd of grills/cookers I have 1 Nr7 Kamado, 2 BGE's, 1 Kikuya Hibatchi Pot, 2 Weber Kettles, 1 Weber Genesis 3000 Gasser, 1 Cajun Cooker, 1 Woodflame Delecto (take this puppy in the RV) and my Holland Classic. Each cooker/grill has it place and there are times multiple cookers/grills are in use. Always looking to add to the herd even though my wife thinks I'm nuts.

I hope to contribute here someday and continue to learn from you great posters.

Very Respectfully,


Jeff G

I agree completely, I have an APEX and a ceramic grill. I am very satisfied with both, I just use each of them for different things. I think that most people who complain about Holland Grills and anything else for that matter, didn't research what they were buying. I did about 4 months of research before buying my Holland and my ceramic grill, since I knew what I was getting and had seen some unbiased opinions, I am happy with my purchases.


Jeff G,

You are spot on!!!

One thing I should have said about stumbling upon this blog is that after 13 years I'm finally needing a spare part (really just sprucing up my Holland). This surely stands as a testament to product quality and that the grill passes the test of time.

Very Respectfully,



Please tell me more about the Kikuya Hibachi Pot.




Bought the Hibatchi pot in 1975 near Yokota Air Base in Japan while I was stationed at Yokosuka Naval Base. It is a traditional Kamado and is constructed of clay and made by Kinururayaki pottery company. It is green in color with a rough texture and black highlites. Designed to use charcoal briquettes or Japanese sumi (there equivalent of lump coal). It has a draft door much like a BGE, but did not come with a daisy wheel but does have a rain cap like the BGE. Quite frankly I think the daisy wheel would have been ahead of its time in 1975. Later I did buy a slider cover for it from the Imperail Kamado Company. When the prior owner of that company M Nagaoka seen the Kikuya he wanted it but I did not want to part with it. Hinges are the old bayonet style that the BGE used to use.

If you have one of these puppies and haven't broke it congrats. If you need the original literaure that comes with it let me know I have it. Really funny reading it seeing how it is translated to English from JN.

If you have any other questions let me know.

Very Respectfully,


Obtained a Kikuya Hibachi Pot from my parents. My uncle gave it to them in the 1960's (I think). He picked it up in Japan while he was in the Air Force. My question has to do with the care and maintenance of the Hibachi Pot. My parents seldom used the HB but always kept it in the garage. I was wondering how weather proof it is. Does it hurt it if gets rained on (as long as its not real hot from cooking with it)? Can I wash it off with a hose?



Not sure of the rules here on this forum cluttering it up with another companies cooker. Do not want to run afoul the sites admin. Feel free to PM me at and I will be happy to discuss. If one of the admin folks have no problem with me answering here I will fire away...