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Topic Title: RUST
Created on August 24, 2009 at 11:58 AM


See alot a post about rust just purchased a used classic and the onlu thing I did was replaced the gas hose (slight dry rot) paid 25 bucks went through it top to bottom no rust at all.. I thought the holland was stainless??? Guess I just got lucky minor cleaning (previous owner did not clean).. Did a boston butt and was the best I have done but seemed to cook much faster then expected.. The guy I bought it from was original owner and had it I think he said over 220 years kept it in a shed and covered.. Was 25 bucks a bad deal???

Any cooking advise would be helpful THANKS Kevin

Chad F

Holland has manufactured both stainless & non-stainless models over the years. If the model number is BH421-SG-2, you have a Classic which was discontinued about 12 years ago after making almost 200,000 of them. It was not stainless.
Use an oven thermometer to check preheat temp at 30 minutes. If it is over 450 degrees your grill is too hot.
Is it set up for LP or NG? If it has an NG orifice, but you are running it on LP, that would cause overheating.


I see alot of bh4** for a model number I believe mine is like 748 can someone let me know if this is right

Chad F

Without the complete model number, no one can tell you which grill you have. Standard sized grills all start with BH421XXX. The last 3 digits tell us which grill model it actually is. The serial number would tell us about when it was manufactured.
The only grill model with a 748 in the model number was a large oversized grill called the "Reunion" which has not been made for many years. Can you do better on the model number or do you have the manual? I think you need to call Holland with all the info you can get.


Kevin--take a digital photo and post it here and we can tell you which model you have? Thanks.
--The Holland Co.


Ok the model is bh748ag and ser is 0488a as the best way to describe it is it looks just like the classic 2.. It appears to be stainless but the previous owner painted it black (slowly getting it off) it looks new under the paint and all componants look almost new but knowing the previous owner for over 10 years he has not replaced anything it is all original except for the gas line I replaced... any info would be a help