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Topic Title: Smoking/Jack Daniels Pellets
Created on August 27, 2009 at 08:19 PM


Recently purchased a Holland Apex and I attempted putting the Jack Daniels pellets in the smoke box. Not much happened. There must be a trick to this Would anyone care to make a few suggestions.

Everything else works just fine, except my expertise at smoking is lacking using that smal box/drawer.



Jeff G

If you put them in the chip drawer, it will take about a half hour for them to start smoking. Once they start, just throw your food on. I haven't used the JD pellets yet, but I know Alder starts smoking faster than Hickory, JD Pellets may take a while too.


First, the pellets must get to over 400 degrees for a few minutes before they will start smoking.
Fill the bud drawer before lighting the grill for preheat. Watch until you see smoke coming out of the stacks.
After you see the first smoke, wait about 5/10 more minutes to let the pellets ash up before opening the lid & adding food. If you open it too early, the temp will drop & the pellets will stop smoking.
Hope this helps.

rick-st paul

do the pellets create enugh smoke to do a turkey?


I purchased a Sear Mate and an Apex and think both are GREAT!I was able to sear, grill and steam but I couldn't smoke, especially if I was steaming as the chips/pellets didn't stay lit due to the lower temperature. To remedy this, I drilled the hole for the knob in the drawer larger, I simply bent some 1/4 copper tubing and attached it to the drawer using plumber's fittings. As you can see once I bent the tubing I then cut a slot in the tubing that is in the drawer and crimped the end. I can then attach a plastic tube to the outside end of the tubing and attach the other end to an aquarium air pump. The air from the pump keeps the chips/pellets smoking for a considerable time with the air blowing out horizontally under the pellets. Refilling is easy. I can always reinstall the drawer knob by using some small washers. Total cost was about $3.00 plus the pump. Now I can smoke foods when I use any of the cooking methods.To view a picture of my drawer please go to the: Show us your Holland" topic