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Topic Title: How to grill salmon filets
Created on September 6, 2009 at 11:03 PM


Anyone have any suggestions or recipes for salmon filets?


Jeff G

I cook salmon with the skin on for about 15-20 minutes, it usually starts to flake somewhere in that time frame. I basically just use salt, pepper and Alder Flav-O-Buds, they go great with fish.

Jeff R

I have awesome luck cooking salmon filets on foil.
I leave them on the skin.
I smother the top of the salmon with a mayo-mustard-lemon juice mix. Hit it with either seasoning salts, or garlic/red pepper depending on my mood. I put on plenty of capers, and then I put sliced lemons, limes & oranges all over the top. Cook for between 18-22 minutes with lots of water or beer poured into the tray for steam. comes out juicy and moist.

Jeff R

Sometimes I cook my salmon by spreading jam over the top with capers on top of that and then the sliced lemons, limes. & oranges. You could throw in green peppers or sweet onions on top as well. Then lots of liquid in the tray to steam or "poach" the salmon for 18-22 minutes. Comes out awesome.