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Topic Title: Plastic knobs on grill and SearMate
Created on September 10, 2009 at 04:43 PM


I'm a new owner of a Holland Apex with the SearMate attached. The RED control knob on the grill and the SearMate are very loose. Both will fall off if bumped. There is no "grab" on either knob, unlike the Black knob for the starter.
Do I have bad batch, or is this normal?

@ Jeff


The brass stem on the gas valve is slotted. To tighten the knob, use a small screwdriver in the slot to widen the stem until the knob fits tightly.

The igniter knob needs to be fully seated so the crossbar in the knob fits into the slot on the stem. If it is not fully seated in the locking position, the knob can strip.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help. I willmake the adjustment tonight. Otherwise, grill seems to be working as advertised!


I found the stem on the valve for the grill to be slotted as indicated; however, the stem on the valve for the SearMate is not slotted as hsown in the owner's manual (it is an "open u" shape and actually does not look as "sturdy" as the stem on the grill's valve. I am wondering if maybe I got bad stem on my SearMate which was assembled by the Dealer????


I put some plumbers white tape around the brass stem, that seemed to work.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

AHHHH Mr Ricky, you like these forums now. You gave some good advise about the plumbers tape. I will tell Uncle Pete you fixed something, he will be so PROUD of you. LOL.


Good idea on the teflon tape
Just fired up the new Epic...knob WAS loose on the sear mate until I read the last post

Starting slow on the learning curve with bone in strip steaks, baked potatoes and veggies tonight

This weekend, onto the brisket and pork shoulder

BTW, Holland dealership in Northeast Maryland is real helpful...even threw in some Carolina Seasoning and mesquite chips...ask for Dave

Grill On!


My knobs were loose on the SearMate too but I simply took my pocketknife blad and carefully "spread" the stem a little bit and now the knob fits nice and tight. There's a little slot in the stem that a thin knife blade fits nicely in to.


Thanks guys. I found the slot and no more problems. Everything working as advertised. Great food everytime- grill or SearMate.