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Topic Title: Need some info from Heritage Plus owners please
Created on September 15, 2009 at 11:10 PM

John Winn

Hello all,
I am looking at a HP at a hardware store that used to be a dealer. I think it's been sitting in their back yard for a while as it's manual was old and moldy and the part on the burner that has the screen by the valve is rusty and won't turn. I also noticed on the lower body (it is aluminum) but on the right side front corner, the seam area looks damaged or bent. I can't tell if it's made that way, or if it's been hit but the seam area on the left side is neat and tidy but on the right, it's sort of bent or rippled. It appears to be complete but does look weathered. Can anyone tell me if this seam area is normal or damaged?
I am going to see if they will take more markdown on it and I am going to email Holland with the serial number to see if I can find out it's age, and if it would indeed have a warranty.




You should be OK buying that HP. It probably had a little freight damage. Just make sure the burner isn't cracked or loose. You're doing the right thing getting the model number and serial number and call Holland.

@ John

I don't think the grill you are looking at is a Heritage Plus, which is a fairy recent model. There are 2 prior models which look very much like the Heritage Plus. Also, the warranty that they will have on file under the original owner's name is not transferable

Get both the model number & serial number before you call or email Holland. The serial number by itself will not tell them which grill model it is.

John Winn

Thanks John & Aaron,
I went back over and got the model..Very odd finding. It's got the model number of the standard Heritage:
HG421SH5 but it says clearly on the same plate "Heritage Plus" and it does indeed have the aluminum bottom shell. Must be a very early HP?
Thanks for the info, I will give them a call and see what I can learn about it.

John Winn

Wow..What service! I just got off the phone with Don Jones at HG, he told me everything I needed to know. He said this is one of the very early Heritage Plus grills and is about two years old..Told me all about the workings, and no problem on the warranty and told me to get on over there and buy it..
Thanks for all the help guys,