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Topic Title: Where's the Captan--Day 3
Created on September 18, 2009 at 11:18 AM


Day 3 of my trek north took me through some beautiful and flat country. The road was so straight and the speed limit was 75, I think I actually dozed for an hour or so but my vehicle kept going.
I finally got an answer to a question that's been on my mind for years--"how do they decide where to put rest stops on the interstates?". I met a highway official who explained it this way--"We hire a young college student, give him a full pot of coffee and send him down the highway. We tell him to wait until he has to "go" so bad his toes are curled up in his shoes, he's gritting his teeth and clenching the steering wheel so hard he almost breaks it. Then we tell him to drive 10 more miles. That's where we put it."
Explains alot to me.
Anywho, Laura may have not actually lived in the little house in this photo, but I bet Pa and Caroline may have made an offer on it. This little town has a population of almost 1200 and was the childhood home of Laura, Mary and Grace. Pa actually spent his last days living here. Mary met her husband here. Where the heck am I? (try to get the answer without googling)


De Smet, SD must be your locale


Montana probably

Mike J

De Smet, S.D., is where you will find the Captain.


Souttttth Dakotie! I miss the Captain :)

Captains wife



Gotta be Nevada.


Little house on the prairie.