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Topic Title: Burner flame is orange
Created on February 7, 2008 at 10:34 PM


The flame on my grill is orange in color and causes a lot of soot(black smoke from incomplete combustion which gets on the meat) which does not taste very well. Sometimes I can turn the screen below on the air intake and get the flame to turn somewhat blue which is a hotter flame and than I don't have the soot. Lately it does no good to adjust the screen on the air intake. Anybody know what the problem might be? Thanks


Hey Butch. Same thing happened to me. Chances are, your burner needs to be cleaned out. A rusty, powder builds up inside the burner over time. You can vacuum it out from the front. I went to their website and saw how to clean out the burner. After I did it, the flame was a beautiful blue.


I was getting the same thing ... sooty food... bad flame. Found info on here... under grill care tips... took the burner apart and was filled with debris ... cleaned it out and back it business.
My Heritage model is six years old and still going strong. Pork loins and bisquits are wonderful on the Holland. Best grill I have ever owned!