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Topic Title: Quesadilla
Created on October 1, 2009 at 01:21 AM


Would like information on fixing chicken Quesadillas on my stainless Holland Grill.


I did mine trial and error but found boneless chicke thighs (use you favorite spice) grill till done (I like thighs come out real jucy) chop up chicken and prep quesadilla to your taste I use presredded 4 cheese mix place quesadilla on preheated grill till cheese is melted cut up and enjoy


Bought Tyson grilled chicken breast strips and chopped them up, green peppers and onions. Cooked all this with some chicken taco seasoning. Put them together flour tortilla, mixed shredded cheese, chicken mixture, more cheese then another tortilla. Placed on the grill for 4 minutes each side.