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Topic Title: Pizza and wings
Created on October 1, 2009 at 10:58 PM


I used to be a Schwans driver delivering frozen food to peoples homes in upstate New York. One of my favorite stops was to a friends house who always had his Holland Grill running. We would throw a frozen pizza on the grill and sometimes some frozen pre-cooked wings. The grill is great for that. It's basically an outdoor oven. I imagine it's terrific for hot dogs, sausage, and bratwurst too.


The Holland is great for everything. Steaks, burgers, chicken, fish, turkey, veggies, name it!
Oh, even overpriced preservative laden Schwann's foods too! Gotta love the MSG!!!


Don't worry Tim, I like Schwan's food. And I grill alot of it on my Holland. It is like an outdoor oven but with a big difference--in your kitchen oven you couldn't have all that smoke that you get with the Holland--so it cooks like an oven but tastes like a grill is what I tell people.

Mike R

The only way to cook a frozen pizza is on the Holland. The added smoke flavor sure makes them yummy. I really enjoy homemade pizza on the Holland also. Can't remember the last time I did a pizza in the oven in the house.


Do you buy a frozen pizza and put it on grill? When do you know it is done? I need a tool that will slide under pizza and scoop it off.


I sure hope wish we get an answer cuz I want to try this too. We just got a Heritage and were dying to use it !


I just use a long spatula or burger flipper for the small Tostino's type pizzas. If it a large pizza I will put my cutting board next to the pizza & slide it off the cooking grid right onto the cutting board.


We cook Jacks frozen pizza on our grill. I set the timer to 16 minutes for summer cooking, 19 minutes for winter cooking. About halfway through, I turn the pizza 180 degrees, otherwise, one side gets cooked too brown. I don't use a spatula, I just use the cardboard circle that came with the pizza.