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Topic Title: Cleaning Question
Created on October 11, 2009 at 10:07 AM


I purchased a Holland Apex this summer and it's time for a good cleaning. I was wondering is I can use oven cleaner, will this harm the grill in any way?


I just give mine a good scrubbing with soap and water don't like oven cleaner taste YUCK... Then just let it burn for about an hour to dry...


I've used Dawn Power Dissolver (available at walmart). It does a pretty good job. Be careful, it's pretty strong.

@ Dan

Be very careful using oven cleaner! It is very caustic & will ruin any non-stainless part on your grill. I would not use it myself.

Better to use a good detergent like Simple Green or Dawn Power Disolver.

Don't hose the grill down or let any water get into the bottom of the grill around the cast iron burner.


How about using a cleaner like TSP?

Jerry port st lucie fl

I use oven cleaner on the stainless steel cooking grate. I put the grate in a plastic bag, cover both sides of the grate with oven cleaner then seal the bag for 2-3 hours and leave it in the hot florida sun. After 2-3 hours, I then open the bag, and rinse well, and tada...shiny and clean, with no residual taste. the inside of the grill I use soap and water.

I have had my same Holland grill for over 10 years. Great product.

jeff in mn

I just close the valve and fill up with water and turn it on and it will steam it off. I will take a puddy knife and scrape all the lose stuff off. Repeat if needed. I never use any cleaners in it. Afterwards it is like new.