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Topic Title: howling holland
Created on February 10, 2008 at 04:16 PM


We live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia (Canada)and inherited a classic gas grill with our house purchase. The grill has devloped a howling sound and we are having trouble finding a dealer in the area. So, two questions: Any idea where we can find a dealer either on Vancouver Island or in Alberta and any idea if this is a regulator problem?


Your air-gas mixture may be too lean. If you have too much air going into the burner it will roar like a jet engine. Change the air-shutter adjustment so you have a blue flame with small yellow tips.
If the regulator is the source of the noise, then you may need to replace it with a new low pressure hose & regulator. You can order from Holland.

Mike in MN

I took mine completly apart with the dealer on tues night, and mine was making the same sound... Turned out to be a faulty burner that was almost all the way filled with cast on the inside.. we put a new burner on it, and I couldn't even hear him light it when he did.. beautiful blue flame again.. try cleaning it out with a blower or vacuum. Good Luck!