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Topic Title: tennessee flop
Created on October 11, 2009 at 04:56 PM


my grill has never heated up enough too cook food. i gave it to my son in memphis and he gave it back,said it would not heat.

Jeff G

We need details, what type of grill? What type of fuel? What temperature is not hot enough to cook food?...100 degrees, 200 degrees? Were you heating the grill with the lid closed, and cooking with the lid closed also?


You should call Holland's service department. This grill is just a box with a burner in it. If it's not getting hot, something is blocking the flow of the gas. Bad regulator, obstruction in the burner, etc. But don't expect the grill to get over 425 degrees--that's the way its made. Good luck. Don't give up on it.

@ Mike

How about letting us know which model it is & what trouble-shooting steps you have taken.

If it is a late model grill on LP gas, you probably are dealing with the safety valve in the regulator. Call Holland, they can tell you how to reset the regulator.