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Topic Title: Cleaning the tough greese off
Created on October 16, 2009 at 04:34 PM


I got an older hertitage from a friend. I love to cook on it. I have tried to scrub the cooked on greese from the smoke stacks and other places around the grill and I just can't get it off. I have used chemicals and steel wool and it just doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas?


I would just say to allow an oven cleaner-like chemical to sit on the area for a while with the grill on or still warm for a while and then attack it with a wire brush or chore-boy like scrubber. Don't do this to the outside ofnthe grill though...the powdercoat won't appreciate it


Jeff--do NOT use oven cleaner on the outside of the painted black grill. Ask my mother-in-law--it will strip the paint right off! (I tried to warn her). I've used a putty knife before to gently scrape off some of the grease buildup. I took the chimneys off the grill, scraped gently, soaked in hot them pretty clean. The best way to clean it, however, is to put a nice, new cover on it ; )


Use Dawn dishwashing detergent. i couldnt believe how well it worked.
Just put some on and wait a little while it loosens the grease.


I've used Dawn Power Dissolver with great success.