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Topic Title: Our Love for the Holland
Created on November 1, 2009 at 12:41 PM

Mrs C

We got our fist Holland after we visited a friend who had one and they bragged and bragged about theirs. Well we had to keep up with the Jones so we purchased one. (our's came from a John Deere dealer)

We loved ours so much we decided to get his parents one for Christmas one year. They loved theirs as well. When our daughter got married we got her and her husband one for their home. They love theirs as well also.

We then took our first one to our camp house and bought another one for our home. So I guess you can say we are a 4 Holland family and soon to be 5 as we plan on getting our son one when his Weber burns out.

We had to get replacements parts for our first Holland as it was about 10 years old and being at the camp was not the best enviornment for it. Ordering and receiving the parts was a breeze because of the in dept ordering process for the Hollands.

For anyone out their who loves to grill please take my word for it. "You can't beat a Holland" Don't waste your money on the cheap grills from Lowe's or Home Depot as you will be replacing them numerous times as you can't get parts for them easily. With the Holland you will never have to replace it, you can just get replacement parts and then have a like new grill again.

We will never own anything except a Holland grill, they are simply the best!

Mrs C


You are completely correct. I saw them when I was up North and thought this will be the last grill I will ever have to buy. I also owned ours for over 10 years and purchased replacement parts, which was a breeze. I am pleased with my purchase and plan to have it another 10 years. We always have an extra tank of gas and we grill everything on it. My son has even steamed crab on it! The whole family thinks it is the best grill we have ever owned!I moved to Florida and did not take a lot with me, but my Holland grill was the first thing in the moving van! Teri Palmetto Fl