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Topic Title: Hollard saves the day
Created on November 3, 2009 at 12:51 PM


Our Holland Grill saved the day – twice. We have had our grill for over two years and love it. We have done turkey’s, sugar cured hams, hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh home made biscuits (not those in a can), and other things.
The other week my wife was making a quiche and the oven went out. So I warmed up my Holland and did it on it. Since it had sat in the oven and then had to wait for our Holland to warm up the crust was not perfect, but it was still good.
Then we were having company, my wife makes “fantabulus” crescent rolls and we did those in the oven and they were GREAT. We virtually did our whole dinner on the grill.
Thanks for a great product.

PS I agree it would be nice to have a search option


I'll reply to myself..OPPS I see there is a search.