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Topic Title: Taking the plung
Created on November 7, 2009 at 05:24 PM


OK going to take the plung after awsome ribs,brisket,pork loins ,boston butts,chicken,pizza,apple and peach cobble and even a CAKE, among vegies and other stuff going to try my first TURKEY man I hope it turns out ask GREAT as all my other HOLLAND food will post my outcome

Jeff G

I made my first Holland Turkey, on Thanksgiving 2007. I brined it, rinsed, let dry in the refrigerator for a few hours, and sprinkled with crushed pepper. Used Alderwood Flav-O-Buds, cooked to 180 in the thigh, then rested in foil under towels for an hour. It was the best Turkey I ever made. I'm sure yours will turn out great.


I am also going to try my first turkey on the Holland. I am going to use my new smoke daddy with some pecan pellets. Will keep you all posted.

Jeff G

Did the smokedaddy fit with the Chip Drawer Mod? I was wondering if it would clear the handle.


OK tukey cam out great used cherry wood to smoke (foil with hole and lit the chips to smoke) 2.5 hours 180 and awsome tasting... Need to figure out a better smoking concept on my holland reunion