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Topic Title: Finally
Created on November 8, 2009 at 12:50 AM


I have a Companion grill and it cooks good.
I've been looking at the larger ones for a while.
I had to get a new telephone wall plate so I went into the local Ace store here in NC. I had forgotten that they were having a sale. "20% of anything you can fix into a paper bag". I walked in said good morning and walked past the line of Holland Grills. I half-heartly said" These on sale?". "Yes. 20% off".
I stopped dead in my tracks. "I cant get these in a paper sack".
"We changed the sale to everything in the store except for power tools".
"Which grills are on sale?"
"All of them".
..5 secs later.
"I'll take the Apex".



Nice JBlake! My luck is never that good...


put it together on Sunday.
did the "seasoning" thing with the bacon on Wednesday.
And cooked the Thanksgiving Turkey as my first meal on it.
Started at 10:30, finished at 1:15. Only looked once (i had to sneak a peek).

12+ lb organic turkey.
I'll probably be cooking the thanksgiving turkey for as long as I own the grill.

Great product.