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Topic Title: Conversion: LP > Nat. Gas
Created on November 14, 2009 at 01:19 PM

Dave G.

I have a BH421-SG-5 Heritage, about 8 or 9 years old now. Recently bought NH's nat. gas oriface, as well as the 12" hose. No instructions came with the items. Do I need a regulator? (Other topics suggest, "No.", and some suggest, "Yes.") I live in a new house (reason for conversion), so hope I don't need a regulator beyond what the house already has. Is the conversion as simple as it seems? But, I don't want to have an explosion or burn my house down, so would appreciate some direction/advice/
affirmation, etc. Thanks!

David Hawk

I just converted mine from LP to Natural Gas. All you need to change is the orifice in the gas valve and connect your natural gas hose to the gas valve. Discard the LP regulator. Mine cooks about 50 degrees warmer on natural gas.


You might need a regulater if you are coming off a 2 lb. gas line. I believe it needs to be dropped down to 4-6" w.c.

@ Dave

You need 7" of water column pressure at the gas valve. If you are not confident in what you need to do, call the gas company for installation help.

Also, technical questions like this can best be answered correctly by calling Holland.


I agree. I just received a hose and a orifice with no directions. Ok, you say the orifice needs to be replaced in the gas valve. Are we talking about the main nozzle that comes out of the house or somewhere in the barbecue? Sorry, I had to ask since I don't really know. The orifice is tiny and I don't have a clue where it goes. Can anyone help? THANKS

@ Steve

The orifice is part of the gas valve on the grill itself.On the menu to your left on this web-site, go to:

"Grill care tips" >"Changing the orifice (igniter model)". There are pictures & step by step instructions.

This may be a job for your gas company since you don't seem to know what to do.