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Topic Title: smoked turkey
Created on November 14, 2009 at 02:42 PM


I have done several turkeys on my Holland, and they are the greatest. Now I want to do a smoked turkey. Iam thinking I will use applecider or wine in the water tray, and put my hickory soaked pellets in a pie tin, concerned is that foing to give me enough smoke. Any suggestions


I make pouches out of foil, and hange them off the tray.this will give you plenty of smoke. It works great.


Rick, the smoke pellets won't smoke if you're cooking with water in the drip pan--it won't get hot enough. You can put a little foil "tart" pan in each corner--under the cooking grid and wedged between the drip pan the the grill body--that should give you some good smoke. Good luck.


i just throw wood pellets onto the drip tray and drain trough. Simple, easy, and smoke!!!!


thanks for the tip on Smoking turkey