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Topic Title: liquid in drippan
Created on November 20, 2009 at 01:47 PM


Just thinking about putting apple cider in the pan while cooking the turkey.

Does this make any difference to how the meat tastes?

Does it take longer to cook?

With liquid (or) Without liquid, which is the better way?

Jeff G

It will surely take longer just because of the temperature drop. If you are stuffing your bird, I would probably not put any liquid in the pan. I would fear the turkey being in the danger zone(below 140) for too long.
I have never personally used AJ in the pan, I would think it would add a hint of apple flavor to the skin, but probably not the entire bird.
If you want to flavor it with some apple, see if you can find a brine recipe on the web that uses some AJ. The brine will have the flavor make it to the entire bird.
Here is a link to one I just found that sounds good.


I did one 2 weeks ago and about an hour in to cooking poured 1 cup right over the turkey great flavor and did not add to cook time 13lb bird 2.5 hours