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Topic Title: My First Turkey
Created on November 27, 2009 at 10:41 AM


I'm so ashamed.

I finally got the nerve to try a turkey on the Holland. I'd read all your reviews, but I never really believed the hype.

Oh. My. Gosh. We've always prided ourselves on our oven turkeys at our house, but I was simpley blown away by this bird. It's the next day, and I still can't believe it! We had about 20 people over, and one by one they all commented on the excellence of the breast meat. Absolutely the most moist and tender white meat I've had anywhere!

Here's all I did:

Brine the night b4 in a 5g bucket with salt and br. sugar.
Thanksgiving morning rub down with canola oil, salt and pepper.
Put it in the preheated grill.
I don't know how long it was cooked, but I think about 3 1/2 hrs. I pulled ole Tom off the fire when the deepest part of the breast was at 175.

I'd read on here that the lighter birds do better, but this was a 21 pounder, and he was perfect.

Now to pick up some sale priced turkey and make up for lost time!

P.S. -- We did a 16# bird in the oven because of my scepticism. The Holland bird is gone, and there's plenty of the oven bird left over. I'm thinking of giving it to the dog.


Welcome to the club! We haven't cooked a turkey in the oven in 10 years, ever since we grilled one on our Holland! Ain't it great!




my first turkey this year on the Holland too. No seasoning, no stuffing, no brine, just wood smoke pellets throughout the cooking process. It was a 22lb. bird, took about 4 hours. Everyone loved it. I thought it would be smokier since I used 3/4 of a bag of the Jack Daniel pellets. THe smell coming from the grill was divine, but I think most of the smoke just blows out the smokestacks. It doesn't penetrate the meat. Nice moist turkey though.

Mike G.

Did you cook a self-basting turkey or all-natural? I've read that brining a self-basting turkey can cause it to be too salty. I've only tried injecting, not brining, but I would like to give it a try.




In all honesty, all I know is that it was a Butterball. And now that you mention it, I did make a mental note to use less salt in the brine next time. I'd almost forgotten, because it was so good. Is Butterball necessarily self-basting?

Mike G.

Most of the Butterballs are self-basting. I've found several apple and honey brine recipes on the internet and I think I'll give it a try for Christmas. I might also cook a ham in case I screw up the