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Topic Title: Ribr and fries
Created on November 28, 2009 at 11:39 AM

george Anderson

I love to cook baby back ribs and on the Holland they turn out great. But this summer tried to slow down the cooking buy placing a 3/4 ince peice of wood under the lid. The result was the most tender fall off the bone ribs I've ever made. It also does my french fries and tater tots better than my oven.


please do you do them? How long? Wet or dry?


Yeh, George. Let's have some details! I've been wondering about the "prop the lid open" thing with ribs, and I'll try it even if you don't answer, but it would be nice to hear what worked for you.


My accident one summer a scredriver handle got caught under the lid, propping it about an inch,, noticed it kept temp 250-275 est darn ribs ever, now I do it all the time with my briskets and shoulders or anything I wnt low and slow.

Joel in Texas

George and Rick,

How about sharing your recipe on how and how long you do your ribs using your method???


I'd love to see the recipe. Thanks


GEORGE, What kind of wood, procedure, etc did you use to make these ribs?


Did George ever give details?


low and slow, use a smoke daddy to smoke 2-21/2 hrs. and then light the holland keeping your temp to 300 or lower. best ribs,brisket chicken whatever.