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Topic Title: Should I buy?
Created on December 1, 2009 at 09:05 PM


I am thinking of buying a Holland, I owned a Bubba Grill and liked it very much, but it has rusted out around the drip pan and grill grate area of about 6 years of good use, would anyone reccomend the Heritage in the Holland to last longer and is Holland worth it??


Read through these blogs for customer satisfaction info. All current model grills have either aluminum or stainless primary components. Rust should not be a problem if properly maintained.


Yes, the Holland is worth it. I'm grilling several times a week to perfection, and mine is 8 years old with no signs of rust and it not a stainless Holland. With proper maintenance, the new model Hollands will no doubt outlast, and out perform a Bubba Grill.


My holland is over 21 years old with proper care a Holland will serve you a lifetime at over 21 years old the only replaced part was the gas line and that was this past spring.. I grill on mine at least 4 times a week... Bottom line buy a holland and grill the best tasting food from turkey to cakes you will NOT regret it..



There is some rust on my Tradition around the edge where the grill lays. My grill is about seven years old. I am not sure how much longer it will hold up the grill. Whenever I have to buy a new BBQ it will be another Holland Grill, but it will be a stainless steel model next time. Make sure you purchase a cover for your grill.


I recently moved back to California from Okalhoma and left my char broil grill back there in our home for our inlaws. While driving around town I spotted a stainless grill on the side walk and asked the owner about it, he said it was given to him but he didnt care for how it cooked. He didnt know much about grills or its history so he sold it to me for $30

I had no prior knowledge of what a Holland was at the time or the quality but let me tell you the chicken I just cooked was the best we have ever done and I have also grilled ribbs on it with rave reviews from my faimly.

A little research, a love for cooking, and you will not be let down. I struck gold with my deal and plan on using it to its fullest.

@ Rick

Congrats and enjoy!