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Topic Title: Turducen
Created on December 3, 2009 at 08:01 PM


OK has anyone done the turducen on the holland... I was wondering because it is totally stuffed and sewn shut... all our loyal HOLLAND grillers give me the input I have done most everything on mine from turkey to cakes and prime rib to biscuts the recipes in the book are awsome..... BUT Turducen HUUUMMMMM


If it can be cooked in the oven it can be cooked better on the Holland


I too am interested in this Cajun Classic! All research so far says 9-10 hours at 225 degrees. I have a Heritage Plus with no temp control. I do know from Thanksgiving that my Holland only gets to 350 degrees on a 35 degree day here in Minnesota. Still too hot I'm afraid. I could go the water in the drip pan route but this would be a guess and require a lot of attention over the 9-10 hour span. Lots of people would be depending on a timely Xmas dinner. I sure don't want coal in my stocking again this year!!! Surely someone has done one of these in the colder climates and can help me and Kevin out here! Thanks to all in advance!!!!


On the turducken thing...I was just in a fantastic meat shop in Houston called Hebert's (A-bears) Anyway he ships turduckens all over the country and his are TOTALLY deboned. Are all turduckens that way?


We've done a number of turduckens over the years. Always in the oven. We get the 3 birds deboned from the butcher and build them from scratch. Whether you do it with the oven or work it out on the grill it's worth it! Man they are good. You cut a slice all the way through the bird and get all 3 birds and all 3 stuffings together. It's quite a project but darn it's good and it's fun too with a group of folks to build it the night before.


What is your cook time I see most saying 4 1/2 hours at 325 but I see TerryO says 9-10 @225 so I have to ask the turducen master how do you do yours


We have always done the low slow 8-10 hr.-ish at 225 or 250. Cook to temp of course. We use Chef Paul Prudhome's recipe. You can search the internet for it.


What's a turducken? Are they available anywhere? Or do you have to order them online? sorry for dumb questions, just got in on this discussion. thanks


I ordered mine from Cagin Grocer best price I found fast shipping