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Topic Title: Sirloin roast?
Created on December 5, 2009 at 08:46 PM

Scott D

Was in Sam's Club yesterday eying a sirloin steak special. I've had decent results with thick steaks but prefer a roast on the Holland especially this weekend. Asked if the had the sirloin not sliced up in steaks and they pointed me to an 11 lb Sirloin roast. It is in a sealed bag, not trimmed or anything.
My plan is to cook this tomorrow. Asking for suggestions. Should I trim this up, cut it in to different size roasts? or just throw the baby on and let it cook. I'd prefer to do this at a lower temp. say 230-250 degree's, to get a medium rare pink edge to edge, like a prime rib/rib roast.

Calling on any Holland grill'rs for suggestions, experience, pointers.

Scott D

Jeff G

If you have a SearMate, here is what I would suggest. You may have to cut the roast into a size that will fit on the SearMate.
Pack it in salt, as per instructions on this site.

Put fresh cracked pepper on the roast, no salt is needed because of the prior step.
Put water in the pan and cook the roast to an internal temp of around 125, then Sear it. Rest for 10 minutes and it should give you a med-rare roast.
If you don't have a SearMate, you could use a cast iron skillet for searing.

@Scott D

Do sirlion as well as other roast on mine i just salt and pepper preheat and put it on let it cook depending on the roast about 145 to medium take it off cover and let it set for about 15-20 min and slice and enjoy