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Topic Title: what makes Hgrill different than a gas oven
Created on December 14, 2009 at 03:29 PM


aside from the controllable vents, how is this grill different than an indoor gas oven

not trying to criticize the product, just trying to decide on a new grill



Jeff G

Your question is valid because the Holland does work like an oven. There is a drip pan below the grill surface area(minus about an inch of the entire perimeter. The grate surface temperature is 400 degrees on average, any drippings from what you are cooking hit the drip pan and give the food a grilled flavor. You can use wood pellets to get smoke flavor, put water in the drip pan and use it as a steamer. Because of the indirect cooking of the Holland, the food retains more moisture. I have a charcoal grill also and still cook almost everthing indirect on it. The Holland is all about ease of use, and the quality of food that comes off it. It will not Sear, there is an external Infra-red "Sear Mate" which does works well. You can easily cook great steaks, burgers, pork chops, etc on the Holland. You can also do large items like Whole Turkey, Prime Rib, Whole Chickens...well anything you could cook in the oven, but with more flavor. Try to find a Demo in your area and see it for yourself.


Shane, on the grill you get alot of smoke that circulates around the food from the drippings hitting the drip pan. You couldn't get all that smoke in an oven, plus the oven element cycles on and off further helping to dry out food like a turkey. Everything I've eve grilled on my Holland is really juicy. So I guess it cooks like and oven, tastes like a grill. No turning the big stuff, no flare up. great food.


No turkey pan to clean and the mess stays outside ! Love the ease of grilling too. Chicken is a favorite and I put it on now and walk away for a half hour or so. Then come back to turn it and give it a few more minutes.. walla--- everyone has complimented me on my chicken who has had it ! golden brown and jucy, with out the skin even, just a breading.


There is no way an indoor oven will cook like a H.G. The meat does emmit smoke which escapes through the two smoke stacks on the grill. I use wood pellets while cooking, this adds flavor to the mest while cooking. I have had my grill for seven years and use it almost every day between April and October. I cook steaks, burgers, pork & beef ribs,sausage, country ribs, chicken both whole and cut up. When I purchased my grill I was leary of the price difference between a stainless steel model of a gas BBQ that's sold at Home Depot or Lowes and the price of a Holland Grill. After using it all these years and never having a problem with it, plus the quality of materials used and the ease of cooking the food, has paid for the difference many times over. I BBQ 3-4 times as much as I did with a regular gas grill.


He mentioned "controllable vents"- as a new owner, maybe I need someone to explain that? I didnt think you messed with them at all.


There are no "controllable vents" on a Holland gas grill. The "stacks" need to be fully open at all times for proper cooking & even more important for safety.

Blocked stacks can result in an explosion if the burner goes out from lack of oxygen.


The only Holland I know that has controllable vents is the charcoal one.
Thats so you can adjust the air to the coals.
But all the gas ones are not supposed to be adjusted.