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Topic Title: mess
Created on December 16, 2009 at 04:29 PM


I bought a used Heritage model at a garage sale mostly because my brother has talked highly about his and because my old 15yr Char broil was needing new racks etc. again, $50 bucks at least. I love the way this cooks, everything brown/gold and jucy with very little attention to cooking, (just opposit of the ol char broil). The only problem I have is it was filthy when I bought it, and it showed only a few times of use as everything was like new except for the grime and because of a almost full new tank that came with it. I cleaned it out top to bottom, as the old guy I bought it from said- "just needs a little elbow grease". I have used it 15- 20 times and it looks worse than I bought it. It drips bad on the deck from all sides. It's stainless steel and I try to wipe up the runs but they still stain and drip out after I'm done grilling. I think this thing needs a gutter system. Every one else have this problem too? It looks level, but this is something I havn't yet checked. Still a great way to cook though and I applaud the makers of this grill. Just wish it would stay cleaner to look at and not drip along the sides and top stacks.


First, if it's stainless steel, it's not a Heritage. Give Holland a call with your model number & serial number so they can properly identify it for you.

Are the stacks blocked with foil or does it have the old mesh filters in the smoke stacks? If so, blocking the stacks with anything will cause the oils in the smoke to accumulate on the inside surfaces. Call Holland & get started right with your Holland. 1-800-880-9766


Sorry, my grill is a Legacy, got confused. Thanks for the info. and help effort. It does have the mesh in the stacks because I took care to replace these after the power washer blew them out, oopps That is the good part too as it did clean up very nice with the power washer and oven cleaner, but don't want to do that too much as I have read it isn't too good for the burner etc. I looked upp this site cause I didn't get a book with it, and it was all new to me. Outstanding support site here.

So, it sounds like you don't have this problem ! Maybe they upgraded the new ones not to do this. I will call them. I see the serial number right on the front tag, nice. Thanks, Dan


That Legacy was the top of the line Holland a few years ago. If it has the black plastic lid handle, it is probably about 10/11 years old. Great grill.
The model number should be BH421SS-3. You can download & print the original owner's manual under "Customer support". Have fun!


First this is not a self cleaning grill. I have a Tradition which is the steel version of the Legacy. I have owned mine for about seven years. My stacks do not have screens on them. My grill being black does not show the smoke and grease residue as much as a stainless steel model. I also own the Companion Grill which is stainless steel. I assume you have a cover for it, if not get one. I would get a good stainless steel cleaner. The hood of a Holland Grill is not a tight seal with the body so there will be some residue that will seep through as well as at the smoke stacks. The quality of the food cooked on the grill far exceeds and clean-up in my opinion


Thanks, Steve. I totally agree, the quality cooking is worth the mess. Just have to get a mat for the deck, and keep a roll of paper towels handy. Using a level and taking out the screens helped too.

the demonstrator

Take the filters out, throw them away - these were one of our worst ideas since they became a trap for the grease. Spray the entire stainless grill inside and out with DAWN POWER DISSOLVER, made by Dawn detergent. It's in a blue spray bottle. Let this sit overnight, come out with a bucket of warm soapy water the next day, and almost all your grease will be removed. Make sure to spray into the smoke stacks and maybe a second or third time around the smoke stacks and the worst areas. Rinse with your garden hose, and then burn your grill off to get rid of the excess water. (TIP: When grilling have a couple of paper towels or an old shop rag around and wipe underneath smoke stacks when warm. This will eliminate grease building up and dripping when you lift the lid.)