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Topic Title: warming a pre cooked spiral ham
Created on December 24, 2009 at 02:16 PM


How long should I put a pre cooked spiral ham?I'd rather heat it to serve on the grill.Thanks


I cooked one last night for about an hour to an hour and a half. I poured apple juice over it every twenty minutes. Also had a quart and a half of apple juice in the drip pan.

Scott D

Sister in law sent an 11 lb Honey baked ham. Directions that were included say to not heat it because it will dry out. I thought cold ham was for leftover sandwiches? I want to warm it in the Holland. What do you think, wrap in foil, also add water to drip pan? Not sure what to do. Advice/prior experience requested?

Scott D


How long should I put a pre cooked ham?


I have prepared these many times on my Holland and BGE's for a local nursing home. I hit it with smoke and and bring the internal temp up to between 135 and 140. At about 125 I put any glaze on that my wife prepares. I have not had good results with the glaze packagse included with some spiral hams.

If you decide to do a spiral ham invest in some food netting from KENCO or your local butcher. IF you can't find tie the ham up or the spiral slices will flop down and dry out the edges