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Topic Title: turkey turned black
Created on December 25, 2009 at 08:03 PM


i cooked a turkey on my grill and the outside is coal black, the inside is tender and juicy, what happened?


what did you rub on the turkey before cooking it?

Jeff G

It is probably either an air/gas mixture problem or too much sugar in your rub.


You probably need to clean out the burner (instructions on website) or adjust the air/gas mixture. The "black" on the bird is probably soot (unburned fuel). Without any food on the grill, light the grill and look at the flame--if it is a "lazy yellow flame" you have something blocking the air/gas mixture. This is a common thing and just requires a little TLC to correct.


I have had this happen with Butterball turkeys. They are basted with butter. And the skin turns black. Try it with another non basted bird.


Listen to the folks telling you to clean out the burner. It's not what you are basting the bird with.

Go to the trouble-shooting section on this web-site, click on "Black soot on my food" & follow the directions.

Most problems can be solved by just using the info available on this site.

A picture of my turkey is on this blog under "Christmas turkey".