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Topic Title: Bacon
Created on December 26, 2009 at 04:24 AM

Scott D

I did Christmas morning bacon on the Holland. Kids say it's the best bacon they have ever had. I have to agree, the bacon has a great taste that you can't get any other way. Wife loves the idea of the mess being kept outside too!
Merry Christmas.


Almost makes bacon seem healthy without all the grease.


How long did you cook the bacon on the grill and did you have to turn it? Thanks.


Need more details please, did u jsut put the bacon on the grill, no pan??


No pan, just lay the bacon on the grill and turn after 5 mins. Evaluate as it cooks because everyone like their bacon cooked differently.


We fixed some pancakes the other night for supper and I remembered reading this about the bacon, so I threw about 8 strips on the grill. I let it sit for about 15 mins and went and checked it and the couple of pieces near the edge of the grate were burnt black and the rest was pretty well done but still good. I'm figuring next time about 5 mins. on each side is all it needs. It cooked a lot faster than I thought. Is is a lot less grease though when you take it off !

Another Scott

We grill bacon all the time on our Holland--best bacon ever! Just lay 6 or 8 slices directly on the cooking surface, turn after 6 or 7 minutes and cook it to your doneness. Don't put it too close to the edges. I saw it done on a video on this website on how to grill breakfast on the Holland. good luck.


Well..I have learned that just about any greasy foods such as sausage balls, bacon and meat loaf to name a few are a lot better cooked on the Holland. Still a great taste, moist and without all the grease!


I seasoned my Wrangler the first night with bacon. I put on a 1/2 pound from the Deli. The drip bucket filled up 1/4 of the way!!! Crazy. Bacon was still moist and very tasty. I over cooked it as I wanted to watch ("lookin your not cookin"). Burnt the bacon. Bacon is needs to rotate once, cooks in short amount of time. I've obviously have not perfected the time, but AWESOME Bacon!