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Topic Title: bottom support w/wheel
Created on March 3, 2008 at 06:16 PM


Has anyone had a problem with their back wheel coming off and breaking through the platform. This happened to mine pretty soon after I bought it and I was so disappointed. I have just found this site and hope to order the new part. Also my striker does not work.

Is that easy to fix? I've never fixed something like this and since I am single I am determined to "get er done"!!!!! :) I am enjoying everyone's recipes and hope to start cooking on it again in the spring.

Thanks for any input



Hi Lisa. My igniter stopped working after a couple of years too. I found the answer on Holland's website under Troubleshooting and then what to do if your igniter won't work. It took care of my problem without having to replace the igniter. I don't know about the wheel thing.

Terry Illinois

Lisa, Right, one of my wheels broke soon upon purchase. I think it was broke at the dealers. Anyway, you can order a new wheel and axle from Holland, You should get a reduced warranty price. Have your model number ready . Happy grilling..


Yes, my right front wheel slot where the wheel pin slides into cracked. Very disappointed. Unless this is a common problem (which I don't see that it is), then engineering needs to strengthen the corners.


If you have a Tradition or Legacy with the molded plastic wheelbase, those grills were discontinued a few years ago. The later model Tradition LS & Legacy LS had a heavy steel wheel base instead of the molded plastic. You can upgrade to the steel base as I did for an upgrade & shipping total of $50. I ordered mine on the website under parts/warranty, model number, cart components. It works great & I'm sure it cost the company a lot more to manufacture.