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Topic Title: holland companion used as a smoker
Created on December 28, 2009 at 08:29 PM


Can the holland grill be used as a smoker? For example could you put hickory chips or chunks in the drip pan and use the grill as sort of an electric smoker? Any insight appreciated!!

@ cdc

Use the bud wood chips tray in "Grill accessories". Fill it with Holland's Flav-o-buds & put it in the back of the drip pan.
Wait until it starts smoking before adding the food.


Problem with loading your drip pan with wood chips is that when the grease hits them, they'll catch on fire and you've got a problem. Trust me, i found out the hard way.

Dave Wells

I have recently started putting the chips or pellets
under the back right of the drip pan. Just slide in toward the flame. Do get to close the first time
I had a fire going after that not so close
The wood starts smoking in about 15 - 20 minutes
When putting them om the drip pan it takes about an hour and the when you add food the temp drops and no smoke.
I put the chips in the tray and wrap in foil poke a few holes