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Topic Title: Lid
Created on January 25, 2010 at 11:00 PM


I just purchased an Epic Holland Grill and was wondering if anyone has the same problem with their Grill. The top Lid does not close flush on the right front side. There is about a 1/4 inch gap. Is this normal or is there an adjustment that could be made. Note: I purchased the Grill assembled from the retailer.


That is a HUGE gap! Yes, you could adjust it yourself. However, you should contact the retailer and have them assemble it properly. If they refuse, contact Holland.

@ anonymous

Try loosening all 8 hinge bolts in the back to see if the lid will settle down flat on the bottom shell. If so, just re-tighten the bolts.

If it still won't sit flat, the lid (or the bottom) may be slightly warped. Holland can tell you how to straighten the warped part. It is easy & most anyone can do it.


Your lid is out-of-square! Call 800-880-9766 and ask for the Tech dept..They'll be able to help resolve this problem


Thanks for the advice. I tried loosening the bolts, however, the back side opposite the right front now has a gap. I believe Phil may be right about the lid being out of square or warped.


Just an update, so I called Holland tech dept and they were helpful. I now have a 1/8 inch gap on one side. Much better than the 1/4 inch gap.

@ Kerry

Good job. You may find that you will lose even the 1/8" gap after you cook on the grill a few times. The lid tends to settle down after a few hot/cold cycles.