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Topic Title: sounds like a jet?
Created on January 27, 2010 at 01:47 AM


bought an apex in sept. after along time of looking and reading this site. not two weeks later there was an classic 2 on the local classifieds her for 75.00 so i biught it also it was used once or twice acording to the owner, he didnt like the warm up time and no sear features of it.... his loss my gain. i love the grill and had matching covers made for boyh by an amish tarp shop. now finally to my problem, sometimes my apex [have not used the clasic yet] sounds like a jet engine... sometimes when i open lid.. or sometimes with out opening lid.. usally stops on its own. havent had a problem with flame going out. i live in east central ohio, have had a little issue with temp but am playing with that. any ideas bout the jet noise?? thanks in advance howard

@ Howard

Your air-gas mixture is too lean, too much air. It's trying to blow itself out.

Adjust your air-shutter. Close it down so you have a mostly blue flame with some yellow at the tips.

Instructions are in the "Grill care tips" section.

Jeff G

I agree, I had the same problem with my APEX when I got it.


I cooked last night and it was windy and mine sounded like that.
It was trying to get the temp up but couldnt get it past 350.
I'll have to investigate the closing of the shutter during windy days.

@ Jblake

You do not change your air-shutter setting for different weather conditions. You set it properly only once & leave it alone. Read the manual under Air-shutter adjustment.
Always adjust the air-shutter with the lid open & no food on the grill. Also, it doesn't do any good to make the adjustment if you do not have full gas flow into the burner. If you have a weak flame, get it fixed before you make the adjustment.


Bought my APEX last Saturday and I had the same "seems a bit noisy" issue but we had a lot of windy weather this past week and I attributed some of it to that, but I am having almost identical symptoms with 350degrees, etc.. Will "read the instruction manual" first next time. HA! Great question and glad to see it answered on the forum. Seems like an easy fix and we are REALLY enjoying the grill even "un-tuned".

Can you please post a pic of your grill covers? I would like to see it. Somehow made by an "Amish tarp shop" sounds better than made in china. ha!

@ geminibuddy

Pictures of both grill covers are in the "Grill accessories" section.


thanks to all who responded. i will make changes when it warms up in a day or two... its 10 deg. in ohio right now. the covers i had made by the amish tarp shop are top notch. we use them alot foir projects on the farm here and they do a super job. look better then the ones i looked at at the dealer show room.. and the price was probably the same i think for the two covers i had bout 100.00 in them total. thanks again and i will keep reading here for more ideas...howard