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Topic Title: Drip pipe on Apex
Created on February 6, 2010 at 01:01 PM


What is the best way to loosen the drip pipe from the drip pan when it does not easily unscrew?

@ Jeff

Pipe wrench.

Turn the drip pan upside down & have someone hold it while you wrench it off.
You can get a new pipe at a hardware store & spray the threads with cooking spray before you install it.

3/4" ID x 6" long black pipe. About $2.

@ Jeff

Correction. 8"" long for the newer model grills.


Thanks. I have tried the pipe wrench, but will be more forceful (I was concerned I would damage the pan).


When you put on the new drain pipe, try some plumbers grease (Vaseline) will keep it easy to remove anytime