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Topic Title: Holland VS Traeger
Created on February 7, 2010 at 11:13 PM

Grandpa Al Lewis

I have both a Holland Legacy grill and a Traeger Lil' Tex pellet grill. Both operate under a similar idea in that the grill only gets so hot with a tray underneath to prevent flare up. While the Traeger heats up faster and has the benefit of smoke flavoring from the pellets, I have found the Holland to be more economical (The LP gas is cheaper than the pellets).

Neither are optimal for searing. Is the searmate the solution, or should I invest in a charcoal grill such as the Green egg? Does anyone have experience with the Barbour International ceramic grill which is similar to the green egg.

Thanks fr your input!

@ Grandpa

Go Sear-Mate. Simple, works great & you don't have to buy another grill.
It gets very, very hot!


I am pleased with my SearMate. Tips: thick cut steaks work best and the cooking should be completed on the main grill. Also, at 900 degrees, it doesn't take long at all to get a great sear.


When using the SearMate and finishing steaks on the main grill, how long do you sear on the Searmate per side and how long on the main grill for medium rare to medium steaks (about 1 inch to 1.5 inch thick)?


Rule of thumb on the SearMate--sear a thick steak 90 seconds on preheated searmate. Then cut the normal grilling time in half--if steak normally takes 10 min a side on the Holland, cut it to 5 min a side after searing it. Try that and you can adjust time to the way you like it. Works pretty well for me.


forgot to say "sear 90 seconds on EACH side" then finish on the Holland.


Caleb, sounds about right. I'll try that. I've been cooking steaks on the SearMate per the instructions in the SearMate manual and they are great, but I would like to try using the main grill and possibly having some pellets smoking when I place the steaks in the grill. Thanks for the tip.