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Topic Title: too cold
Created on February 16, 2010 at 08:17 PM


Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone could help me with a question about my Holland Grill. I have had my grill for about 10 years now and love it. Lately it has been having trouble getting up to temp. It used to get in the green (around 400) now it only gets to about 325-350. Does anyone know of an easy way to fix this problem. Thanks, jake


Follow cleaning out the burner under grill care tips on the left margin and you should again get to 400 degrees you previously were grilling at.


Just like anything else, all it takes is a little TLC. Clean out the burner and you should be back to temp.


I had that problem after about ten years also and it was the regulator, replaced it and problem solved

Stafford P

What everyone seems to be missing is the importance of the appearance of the burner flame. The color & size of the flame is the most important clue you have.
3" flame, blue with yellow tips, coming out with good pressure, slight hissing sound. If you don't have that, it won't get to full heat.
An all blue flame is a "lean" flame, not enough gas or too much air.
A mostly yellow/orange flame indicates a "rich" mixture. Too much gas or not enough air.
Learn to "read" the flame & trouble-shooting will be a lot easier.


I realize this is an old blog but I am having problems with my Holland Apex getting hot enough. My husband has taken the grill aprart - cleaned all of the screens and orifices. He hooked it up directly to our home's propane tank. Prior to this, I have been having problems with the grill getting hot. It has been hit or miss. I love it when it is working correctly. As far as the flame is concerned, it is mostly blue with yellow on top. We even tried playing with that part of it too. I hope someone can help me!!!

@ Carol

You have it hooked up to your house LP system, right? Is there any chance that the short LP hose & regulator was included in the hookup? If so, take it off, you are double-regulated. Your big tank is already regulated.
If that is not the case, you have a blockage somewhere. Check the gas pressure at the end of the hose. If you have good pressure there, look for a blockage in the gas valve.


I have owned a Holland grill for 10 years.I had a Tradition and now an Epic.I live in Minn. so the weather plays a big role.The Tradition reached 400 even in 20 degree weather but the Epic does not.Once the temp gets below 55 the maximum temp falls off fast.No amount of regulator resetting,air/fuel adjustments or cleaning helped.My fix was to buy a new orifice and enlarge it a very,very small amount.Now i have a 400 grill when it's zero outside.I use the original orifice in warmer weather and all is well.I believe the aluminum cover and pan loses heat so fast it needs a little boost in cooler weather.we grill about 4 days a week so just turning it off for the winter was not an option. Love that Holland !