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Topic Title: Holland vs. Weber
Created on February 21, 2010 at 09:45 PM

Mike R

I've been looking at this website and seriously considering the Holland, just wondering how it compares to weber, mainly in the taste of food...I've used the small "anywhere" portable weber and have loved the taste created by how close the food is to the metal that vaporizes the drippings back up into the food.. Saw the holland companion and suspect this is similar.. But would like to know the overall feelings of anybody that has had an upper line Weber compared to the Epic or Apex Holland..

Henry K

No comparison Holland wins hands down. Depending on where you live, you should go see a Holland cooking demo and taste the food. You'll be sold.


Holland VS Weber no compairison Holland heat it up put on your food close the lid get a remote thermometer and forget it till desired temp tender jucy yummy.. Weber fire it up put on your food BABY SIT IT so it don't burn to a crisp, dried out tough.. Go with the Holland you will not regret it.. Oh and Turkey is just totally awsome



After owning 2 gas and 2 electric barbecues I spent a lot of time researching my LAST one. Looked at charcoal, propane and eggs.
I purchased an Apex because of the lower propane consumption, the stainless steel construction and the longer warranty as well as a sear mate.
EVERYTHING I have cooked on both items has been GREAT.
If you want a quality product that will last AND cook to perfection...purchase a Holland. The customer support is also great!
They also work great here in Canada, the great white north!

Jeff G

Holland made me fall in love with indirect cooking. The grills I owned prior to my APEX, I always cooked smaller items(steaks, chicken breasts, burgers) directly over the flame. Since owning my Holland, I have seen how much more moisture is retained by indirect cooking. Some people love the burnt crust that most grills put on food, but I and other Holland owners don't. We still get a grilled flavor without turning a burger into a hockey puck.