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Topic Title: Meat Discolors
Created on March 14, 2010 at 04:11 PM


The last few times that I used my Holland Tradition, I noticed that the meat gets discolored. There is a black film covering the meat that makes it look very unappetizing. It almost looks like a marshmallow looks when you cook it over a fire. Very close to throwing it out and buying something else.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this? I also have heat issues in cool weather and cannot use the grill unless I stuff some foil in the stacks.

@ Rick

Don't stuff anything in the stacks!! You are making a bomb when you do this.
The black soot on your food is because your burner gas mixture is too rich. You are burning mostly gas with too little air.

On this web-site under "Troubleshooting", the very first item is "Black soot on my food". Read it & do accordingly.


The response above is correct. Get your burner cleaned out & re-adjust your air-shutter so you have a mostly blue flame with a little yellow on the tips, like your manual says.
You will not only lose the black soot, but your grill will heat better.
Good luck in maintaining your grill in the future.


Thank you both for your comments. I saw the trouble shooting tip after I submitted the question. I took the burner cover off and vacuumed it all out. It was caked with soot and almost looked like mushrooms. I didn't take apart the burner yet, but will do that another time. I still have a yellow flame but the grill seems to be hotter now and the steak I cooked tonight came out perfect. No soot!

@ Rick

If you still have a yellow flame & have tried the air-shutter adjustment, you still have some blockage in the burner.
If you have not done so, you need to clean it out from the front of the grill after taking the gas valve off. You do not need to take the burner apart.
If you use the instructions in "Grill care tips" for "Changing the orifice", it will take you step by step for taking the gas valve off.
A Holland rep suggested that I run a bottle-brush down the inside of the long neck on the burner, then vacuum it out.