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Topic Title: deck mount
Created on March 15, 2010 at 01:08 AM


i have 2 holland grill one is i think the first got in 96 and a leguacy ss i want to put them both in my outdoor kitchen but i cant find a mounting kit on your web site please help i am at a stand still on construction.


You need to get this info from Holland, not on the blog.
Call Holland at 1-800-880-9766. You will need to have the exact model numbers & serial numbers off the front of your grills when you call.

They can help you get started right.

@ Coinman

Under "Grill accessories", check out the "Built-in trim kit", part number BHA3802. It should contain everything you need.
Also, if you will click on the "Built-in double doors" on the same page, there is a link to a drawing showing the island cut-out dimensions for people who want tp build their own island.
Hope this helps.