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Topic Title: LOW HEAT
Created on April 1, 2010 at 01:38 AM


I was under the impression when i bought this grille 13 years ago that i read some where you were not to clean the tray under grille. In that time i have cleaned it 2 or 3 times. In the last 6 months I have noticed the grille does not get hot like it did when new.After reading this blog last night looks like I may been confused. So tonight i took it some what apart to clean it, onlt to find the drip pan & rear heat shield completely rotted out. I ordered a new pan & shield & vacuumed it all out. The burner is clean & looks good. The only other thing that concern me is the regulator seems to make this humming noise at time when i first lite it off.what do you grille master think? The flame on the burner look good. Looking for some help. Thanks


Copied from the old Classic model owners manual which is available under "Customer support":

"B. Grid and Drip Pan -- The grid is made of
high quality stainless steel.The grid should
be brushed with a brass, copper, or stainless
steel brush immediately after removing food
while grill is still warm.The drip pan is steel
and can be cleaned with a flat scraper such
as a putty knife. CAUTION: The drip pan
must be kept clean and free of heavy buildup
for grill to perform properly, and to eliminate
flare-ups. Do not wash drip pan."

Try a new hose & regulator for the buzzing problem. Yours is 13 years old. Part number SG2-109. This web-site >Parts/warranty >your model number >gas components.