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Topic Title: Holland vs Big Green Egg
Created on April 15, 2010 at 12:50 AM


Has anyone used both the Holland and Big Green Egg. I am having a hard time deciding which to get?


It really depends on the person. I have a holland and a ceramic grill, each one is better for certain things. The holland is much easier, but ceramics are more versatile. Just the caveman in me likes to play with fire, that's why I have both.



I have both and have a couple of other cermaic grills in the herd. JimmyC is correct in that they both have their place.

I do disagree with JimmyC in that the Holland is easier. My experiece is that the Green Egg/Ceramic learning curve is not as steep as the Hollands.

I believe most folks buy the Holland and expect it to be like any gas grill on the block. Trust me the Holland is not; it is an oven and a great versatile cooker.

Folks that buy and BGE, Primo, Grilldome, Imperial Kamado, Kamado etc I believe get into it do to its smoking ability (read lo & slow 225° range) and then expand to other food at other temps.

You can'tgo wrong with either.

Fly Navy


Which do find you use more, the Holland or Big Green Egg


Its cyclic but lately I've been cooking on ceramic more. That said today I have a bone in center cut porkloin cooking on the Holland.