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Topic Title: Recommend first?
Created on April 27, 2010 at 12:02 AM

SD Kid

We have had some very cold and wet snow/rain weather since I put the apex together. Tomorrow will be my first window of opportunity. I have already given it the thirty minute break in. I want to impress my wife because she was against buying another grill. So, Should I try first a chicken on the post with beer or apple cider vinigar, or a beef roast, pork I have the Carolina seasoning mix????


Sneek out and cook a pack of bacon on it for 30 mins while she's not looking (for seasoning purposes). Discard bacon or make a new canine friend! Then place a 4-5 lb chicken on the roasting post and close the lid for 30 mins. Open the lid and rotate the chicken and repeat for 30-35mins. Spray butter helps to crisp up the skin in the last few mins if needed. She'll thank you for buying the Holland.


Thank you Sean for your reply!!!! This is for you!

So what I did while my wife ran into town, we live in the Black Hills Of SD, so it takes her 30 mins each way, so that gave me time to make a quick breakfast. I did the egg/muffins and bacon, But the bacon was done way before the eggs, but I enjoyed having eggs like that, nice change!

The temp ran up to 460deg., and the flame was light blue and dark blue, so I feel it must be burning hot, but I did not want to monkey around with the adjustment at this time. When she came back with the chicken, I used the post, with apple cider vinegar, and Carolina seasoning. When the temp got up to 460, put the chicken in but had to cut the string on the legs and wings and that droped the temp down to 250, and it took for ever to get up to 350, so the first time was 55 min at 460 but now with this new temp I decided to add thirty mins and then fifteen minutes, just guessing but all came out perfection, and the taste was a new and to say delicious, Is an understatement, cannot think of a more powerful word right now.

Cleanup went easy and fast, not sure if I want to touch the burner, just make time adjustments for now. I am glad I bought this unique grill, if your looking for change in taste, this grill has it!! I got the Apex!


It will cool down the more you cook/season it. I think mine runs in the 375-400 range. Put the food on when the thermo gets into the green and you should be good. Enjoy!

Chicken is at its best on the Holland!


If you really want to love that Holland, try this. Have the butcher cut some 1.5in thick bone in pork chops. Season with Holland Rump Shake and refrigerate overnite. Throw them on the Holland for 45-60 mins depending on the grill temp and personal preference. Get ready for the juiciest pork chops on earth.