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Topic Title: Wobbly grill
Created on April 30, 2010 at 02:03 PM


I just got a used Legacy and it's pretty wobbly. Any ideas for a solution?


Hi, Just bought a 5 year old Legacy too and I am also experiencing some instability. It appears to be the stainless sidewalls of the base. Any idea's would be greatly appreciated



The "LS" models of the Legacy & Tradition (models BH421AG3/SS4) had "Body braces" which helped to stiffen them up a bit. You can order them here in the "Parts/warranty" section under the model number, then "Cart components".

You would be on your own in drilling the proper holes so they would bolt on & your drip pan drain pipe would have to be 2" longer.
Don't do this without thinking it through first.